We are seeking experienced career coaches. CrossFit, Bootcamp, or Personal Training experience required.  We have 3 locations in Marin County, with clients ranging from kids to seniors. We offer CrossFit™ group classes, Bootcamps, and personal training, as well as a variety of supplemental programs. 


$400 - $700/week to start, depending on hours and commitment. Growth based on increased hours and client retention can happen quickly for the right person!


TJ's Gyms are a group of fitness facilities where athletes of all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels come together with a goal in common: to get as fit as possible through a scientifically driven fitness program, attention to lifestyle and nutrition choices, and the camaraderie of a great community.  We offer personal training, group classes, goal-setting and accountability plans, nutrition consultation, injury rehab assistance and more. We are a strength-and-conditioning program and carefully tailor our work to each individual who comes through our doors.


Email your resume + cover letter to jessica@tjsgym.com to apply.